On Monday the 19th February, we will be rolling out a minor change to the Update Contact Details tab on Student Records (which is visible there, and numerous other places) and Email Templates.

This update will not affect your students or trainers.

We are breaking the long AVETMISS form on the page into smaller chunks, allowing changes to specific, grouped data. This allows you to update data "individually" rather than losing any data you've entered if the information doesn't validate on the larger overall form.

We are also adding the functionality to add General Purpose Document Templates to Email Templates.

There is a new field on Email Templates...

With the new year upon us, new policies are coming into effect that will impact how you must collect AVETMISS and USI in the new year.

These are changes that you should have already discussed with your Compliance Manager or audit consultant, so this update will focus on how Truss RTO implements these changes.

Note that these changes affect data collected in 2018, not the data you will report in February for your 2017 activity.

The AVETMISS changes aren't huge, but they will impact how your RTO functions. The USI rules - we feel - have now reached something that looks like their final form.

USI is now mandatory for all onshor...

Wow, what a year! It's entirely beyond me how it's run by so quickly; it feels like only a few short weeks ago that we were wrapping up 2016.

With the holiday season upon us, our team will be taking a well-earned break. Our network will be monitored for any urgent issues over the period, but any support requests will be responded to after the break in 2018.

We will be closing at midday on the 21st of December 2017, returning rested and refreshed on the 3rd of January, 2018.

If you have any end-of-month reporting requests, please ensure you do a dry run of these reports over the next few days as we will not be available on 31 December.
This month has shot by at incredible speed and when everyone else seems to be winding down for Christmas, we are still hard at work improving Truss RTO for you!
Whats New
  • Added a Download PDF button on the LMS Activity tab of a student record for completed webforms. Student records will show webforms and SCORM package completions under LMS Activity, whereas they show on the Webforms/Online Theory tab on an enrolment record. Webforms/Online Theory had the ability to download the PDF but sometimes students complete webforms (such as LLN) before becoming enrolled.
  • Added ability to automatically grant competency of a unit based on a successful compl...

The Truss team are getting into the swing of spring with more updates to the Truss RTO system.

Whats New
Incomplete AVETMISS

Incomplete AVETMISS on a student record will now tell you which specific sections are missing information.

Subject Editing Improvements
  • Web forms and SCORM pacakages are now shown on a new tab when editing a Subject. This allows quick attaching/removing of resources.

Spring is finally here! The Truss team has been working hard throughout the winter months and are proud to release the following updates to Truss RTO.

Whats New
  • Constituent Subject Periods

    This new feature allows you to supercede older units while still keeping the older unit code in the system for reporting purposes. This is used when the training.gov course code for a unit changes

Winter is here and we have been hard at work with some great updates in the pipeline. We are pleased to announce the following updates to Truss RTO.

Whats New

  • Bulk Outcomes Editor

    Updating outcomes in bulk is now even easier and now gives you clear feedback as to where you are in the process with a progress bar. You can add additional students or units before finalising and once finished you can now easily return back to the class / intake.

    The Bulk Outcom...
As an RTO, you're required under the conditions of your registration to report Total VET Activity to NCVER each year (comprising any students not already reported to a State Authority). This helps ASQA and others monitor training activity and needs nationwide, and provides students who have given you a USI with a central register of their tra...

We are pleased to announce a great new feature for CRICOS RTOs that utilise Education Agents. Truss RTO now includes a dedicated Agent Portal for agents to record and manage new student applications and track leads.

This works with the recently added application management functionality to allow agents to login in to a dedicated a...

I'm very pleased to be able to make two announcements today that make Truss RTO even more affordable for Training Organisations of any size!

Unlimited Seats for Truss RTO Smart and Enterprise

One of the many stress factors when you're trying to grow a business is the cascading series of additional work that growth brings; each new step you take seems to trigger another half dozen that you have to take to catch up.

As we speak to RTOs across Australia it's become clear that per-seat licensing creates logistical issues for an RTO - How do you deal with fluctuations in your team size? What if you have casual staff?

Up until now, we've dealt with...