With the continuation of streamlining and refreshing the system to make it easier for our clients to use, we've merged the EDIT and VIEW buttons for Employers. 

This affects all clients so please take note and let your staff know not to worry when things have changed. 

Clients with Basic Employer dashboard:

  • Separate buttons EDIT and VIEW merged - now VIEW/EDIT
  • If a "Booking Page" has been detected by the system, there will be a button in the top right to view the Employer's Booking Page
  • Quick Actions panel now includes the buttons "Edit Details" and "Book a Course for this Employer". Changing the details will open in a popup window.
  • Reporting now has Quick Actions panel for any reports needed - contact Truss Support staff to add any Special Reports to this list

Clients with Advanced Employer dashboard:

  • Main dashboard layout has remained the same, however the definition of buttons have changed:
    • Edit button takes you to Employer Editor, allowing you to edit Basic Information, Addresses and Enrolment Details for the Employer's portal. Quick Actions also include Create New User button
    • Portal button allows you to view what the Employer normally sees, but inside the admin dash
    • Calendar button takes you to the Employer's own personalised Booking Calendar - colour and logo set up under Enrolment Details panel
  • Tabs have been tidied
  • Reporting tab shows any custom reports configured for your Employers and any other reports that you often need to run against Employers

Don't forget the Advanced Employer Dashboard also allows for User Configuration, with customisation of Employee Roles for easier understanding of each User associated with each Employer.

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