I'm very pleased to be able to make two announcements today that make Truss RTO even more affordable for Training Organisations of any size!

Unlimited Seats for Truss RTO Smart and Enterprise

One of the many stress factors when you're trying to grow a business is the cascading series of additional work that growth brings; each new step you take seems to trigger another half dozen that you have to take to catch up.

As we speak to RTOs across Australia it's become clear that per-seat licensing creates logistical issues for an RTO - How do you deal with fluctuations in your team size? What if you have casual staff?

Up until now, we've dealt with this by giving our clients a reasonable number of seats to get them started, and the ability to buy more seats when needed.

I think we can do better than this - so effective today Truss RTO Smart and Truss RTO Enterprise come with unlimited seats at a fixed price.

We've done this by moving to a clearer, simpler model where you have an allocation of support time each month, and can purchase additional assistance (training, adjustments, or ongoing consultation) when you need it and only when you need it.

On top of this you have access to detailed reports indicating what your time allocation is spent on - so you're clear on what value we're delivering.

This is only half the story though;

Reduced Pricing for Truss RTO Simple

Many of our new clients are brand new RTOs - and many of those only have one jack-of-all-trades user who's both trainer, front desk, and owner.

It doesn't make sense for an RTO this small to pay for three seats when they don't need three seats - and we were setting up so many clients on Simple with altered deals it made sense that we stay true to our promise to be upfront and make this just how we do things.

So also from today, the ongoing cost for Truss RTO Simple is now just $99 per month for one admin user - you still get three trainers with that, so even if the boss isn't also the trainer this will work.

Pay extra then for each additional user only when you need additional seats, not from the get-go.

We've been quietly discussing these changes with some of our new clients over the last few weeks and we're looking forward to talking to even more new clients over the coming months.

If you'd like a simpler deal where you pay only for what you need - give us a call!

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