We've made a few design changes this past month to increase the clarity of Truss RTO and provide you with more immediate information.

The Subjects Dash

The team have been hard at work redesigning the Subjects dashboard page. The Subjects dashboard (under Training Admin) as it stood was too busy to the eye, and didn't make what you needed to know immediately as clear as it should have been.

Keeping this in mind, we've changed the design and layout from this:

To this:

Firstly, you'll notice we've made a colour change - the colours here represent the dashboard they are under. 

The main tab is now Programs - these are what you deliver and advertise (ie. schedule Intakes and Short Courses for). You can immediately see whether certificates have been configured for your programs, and what the core/elective unit count is.

Qualifications, Accredited Courses and Skillsets (as defined by TGA) are in their own tab, and the same goes for Reportable Units/Modules, which are the units and modules on your scope. There's also tabs for both Non Reportable Units (if you have made them) and any imported subjects from previous student management systems.

Booking Options and Archived Subjects are in the top right for easy access but because they're not commonly used they don't require their own tabs.

Fonts and Other Changes

There are also a few font changes happening - the main dashboard menu font and button font will be changed. This is purely an aesthetic and usability change and does not affect the functionality of the Truss RTO system. We're keen for your feedback as the change is designed to make the system easier on the eye and more pleasant to use.

A few other important changes:

  • EMPLOYER dashboard page is moving! From Wednesday morning, it will be found under STUDENT MANAGEMENT
  • PDF TEMPLATES and EMAIL TEMPLATES dashboard pages will merge, and be called TEMPLATES

Student Profile View for Admins

As the system has evolved, we feel the number of tabs in a Student Profile for an Administrator has become far too long.

  • We're merging a lot of the current tabs as there are far too many. The new tabs will be: Overview, Contact Details, Documents (containing credential documents and any uploads), Online Learning, Fees, Tickets (for clients that have CI Tickets) and Activity Log.
  • The Activity Log will show a centralised list of all contact to the student, including emails, SMS, notes and more.
  • This feature has been asked for multiple times, and we are happy to say that your patience is now being rewarded and you will be able to add notes directly to the student record.
  • The Contact Details panel has been renamed Basic Information, and is a lot tidier.
  • A new panel underneath Basic Information will be added, called Additional Information. This panel will hold Employer information, Access Policy rights, Education Agents and Accounting System IDs.
  • The Contact Details tab is now the "Staged AVETMISS Editor" across the product, so no one has the long list of information when updating contact details.

Here's an example of what the new Student Editor will look like: 

Hopefully you guys are as excited about the new look of various areas of Truss RTO as we are. As always, continued efforts will be made to refresh, update and improve the design of Truss as the months go by.

You can see more of our latest changes and features on our June Release Notes.

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