The Truss RTO team have been hard at work over the autumn adding new features to the Truss software platform.

The two major announcements are the Staged AVETMISS Editor and the new Short Class Finalise Workflow.

Staged AVETMISS Editor

When looking at a Student Record there's a tab called "Update Contact Details". Currently for a lot of clients this is showing a full online enrolment form, and can be confusing to edit particular fields. We've been trialling a staged editor to allow admin users to update just part of the AVETMISS record and save independently of the rest of the information. Next week on Wednesday we will be releasing this feature for all of our clients.

This will hopefully alleviate some problems with the updating of details. There's also new logic for the behaviour of the middle name field, wiping any information in the Middle Name field if the tick box "No Middle Name" is checked.

Short Class Finalise Workflow

Currently, finalising a class works well, however we've made some major improvements to finalising a class to give admin users a broader overview of what dates are going to be entered as Start and End Dates, and who is competent and in what. Once confirmed, those fields will be updated and certificates will be scheduled to send as normal. You can read about the new workflow process on our docs site, here: 

This is also going to be rolled out on Wednesday - please let your staff know about these changes so they are aware ahead of time.

Minor Software Updates

There are also a few New Variables available for your Certificate Templates. New clients from now onwards (and any clients who wish to edit their current PDF Layouts) can use the following variables that will pull directly from the Provider Record:

  • @providerName will pull through the contact name on the Provider Record
  • @providerContact will pull through the contact details on the Provider Record
  • @providerDetails will pull through the Business Name and RTO Number (in that order) from the Provider Record
  • @providerAddress will pull through the postal address in standard format from the Provider Record

We have also added some New Merge Fields to make Email Templates easier.

{{enrolment_id}} will pull the related student's Enrolment ID (varies each time they come to study) and {{survey_link}} will pull through a URL from the Survey Link field that has been recently added to the Provider Record. Check out the full list of Available Merge Fields Here

Another new feature that has recently been released is Reservations. This is turned off by default, so if you're wanting this feature please email requesting it to be enabled.

Reservations allows you to offer the reservation of a number of places in courses to be booked at the same time. This is particularly handy for Employers who are running training with your RTO, employers can now reserve multiple spots in the same course to be paid later. Admin users can also raise an invoice from reservations that they create to send to the employer or a nominated contact person. Check out the help page on how this Reservations feature works for more info.

Below is a list of additional new features released in May 2018.

  • Partners now have the ability to transfer their own students between their own classes.
  • Improvements to the "No Online Study" banner logic, it will only show if it can't detect any study.
  • Webforms can now be setup to show during an application or enrolment, allowing a complete separation of application student forms and enrolment web forms.
  • Web form now has "Multiple Choice - Optional" which allows the user to pick one choice from a range of options, but all possible responses are considered to be "correct".
  • Classes now Save automatically upon clicking "Enter an Enrolment" button.
  • In "Schedule a New Class (Public)" the Subject field is now a search box that doesn't show any units of competency, just the programs you teach. (This search menu will also tell you what type of program this is, ie a Qualification or a Skill Set etc.)
  • Provider Details now have variables for PDF Layouts. You can now include provider details on printed certificates if that cert was issued by a provider.
  • New Scheduled Email Trigger - Constituent Units. You can now select a constituent unit for Scheduled Notification emails.
  • The variable @studentId in PDF Layouts will use Foreign Student ID if there is one, otherwise will use Truss ID (previously this would have used only the Truss ID).
  • One-off message editor: various styling improvements and the ability to add attachments to one-off messages.

Additionally we've received notifications that the support for TLS 1.1 is ending and that TLS 1.2 must be used.
The Truss system has been running on TLS 1.2 for some months now, there is no action required from our RTO clients to prepare for this change.

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