On Monday the 19th February, we will be rolling out a minor change to the Update Contact Details tab on Student Records (which is visible there, and numerous other places) and Email Templates.

This update will not affect your students or trainers. 

We are breaking the long AVETMISS form on the page into smaller chunks, allowing changes to specific, grouped data. This allows you to update data "individually" rather than losing any data you've entered if the information doesn't validate on the larger overall form.

We are also adding the functionality to add General Purpose Document Templates to Email Templates. 

There is a new field on Email Templates called Attach Document that allows you to select one document template (such as an Offer Letter) and attach it to a template email that sends to Students. When you send a test to yourself, it will not attach the file, however if you want to test this you can do so by going to an enrolment record of yourself and selecting that Email Template and click Send Now.

It will work when sending to any individual student-related object, such as Student, Application, Class or Enrolment. 

Documentation about the two updates will be uploaded to the Support Documentation page next week. 

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