The newly released August 2018 update brings improvements to the documentation of the Truss RTO system by introducing the much awaited Contextual Help feature. In the top right corner of any page in your Truss system you'll see a question mark icon, click that to bring in a sidebar article with additional help documentation relating directly to the screen you're looking at. We have also launched Tours, these are interactive walkthroughs of the Truss RTO system for first time users.

NEW Features
  • You can now make intakes with Accredited Skillsets.
  • Contextual help is now available on all Truss RTO systems. Click the question mark to see help related to the screen you are currently looking at.
  • Virtual Tours are now live, with tours showing up if you're looking at something for the first time.
  • New subjects synced from will have "Prevent Class Creation" ticked by default - this encourages the user to create programs with units inside rather than creating a Class being run directly referencing a Unit of Competency
  • The Change Email button on Short Class pages has moved to near the email address, and now there's a way of changing the email address and resending an invite directly from an Enrolment
  • Certificate Template "Text Blocks" will no longer show if the PDF Layout isn't directly referencing those layouts. * Additionally, it will only show the referenced Text Block
  • Ability to edit the Google Map of a Training Delivery Location now available
  • Payment Journal is slowly being phased out in favour of a cleaner, less complex Invoicing functionality. (Coming in the next Release).
Feature Changes
  • Admin View for smaller screens including laptops has been adjusted
  • Styling Breakouts from the Admin Portal when updating AVETMISS or USI no longer happens
  • Creating Company Class prefills contact details now as well as address
Upcoming Changes
  • A new Publication Setting for "Archived" content. This setting will remove "Archived" items from grid lists and will be instead displayed in a separate section. Useful for archiving old learning content that is no longer used, while still preserving the history.
  • Updates to how validation errors are displayed to admins to make these clearer.
  • Granting admins the ability to set the order of online learning resources in the student portal (if multiple resources are attached to a single unit).

This update is being rolled out to All Truss RTO systems on August 31st.
Stay tuned to our blog for further updates to the Truss RTO software package.

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