The November Truss RTO release has been deployed across our network.

There’s one headline new feature this month - Application Management - and a number of minor improvements.

Application Management

For our clients who have a heavy focus on longer qualifications, manage your student enquiries and convert leads into paid enrolments faster with our new application management tool. Manage all your leads in the one place, whether they come from email, phone calls or web enquiries. Attach courses and intakes to an application and be able to manage the application stages from enquiry right through to enrolment, or even use Application numbers to help you make judgement calls about scheduling intakes.

All your student enquiries can be viewed from the new Applications menu item under Student Management. The graph allows you to see over time how many enquiries are being made and a breakdown of the enquiry sources in the table to the right.

Adding a new enquiry allows you to take contact details and add notes on the nature of the enquiry. You can then add student details and course / intake preferences.

Once you have created the enquiry you can manage the application record and status by clicking edit in the list view. From here you can assign a staff member responsible for processing the application and add notes to the communication log.

In the edit view of the application you can also update the CRICOS and AVETMISS reporting data. If you have application forms or custom data you need to record then you can also add them here using a customisable Web Form.

Once you have processed the application, change the status of the application to confirmed and you will be able to process the enrolment in the Complete Application tab. Clicking finalise enrolment creates the student record and enrols them in the selected intake / class.

We have big plans for the application management tool - our CRICOS clients are well advised to familiarise themselves with it, as it will soon form the basis for our Agent Portal. Watch this space for more improvements soon.

Minor Improvements

In addition to the headline new feature above, our clients will also see the following improvements in their day to day use of the system among others:

  • Bulk recording of unit outcomes on Intakes - this tool helps our clients handle assessment outcomes in bulk for students studying concurrently; with a few clicks you can record the outcomes, hours of study undertake, and start/end dates for an entire cohort of students.

  • Funding Contract management improvements - we’ve made it easier to enter, manage, and track activity on contracts.

  • AVETMISS Issue Detection improvements - a brand new “Data Issue” log maintains a record of all potential Warning or Error-level problems identified in your data at an individual student/enrolment level. Easily flip through a list of points to resolve to make lodgement easy, and spot date/hours/contract period issues upon data entry rather than only when you go to run an export.

We look forward to your feedback, and hope this month's release continues to improve your experience with our product.

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