Spring is finally here! The Truss team has been working hard throughout the winter months and are proud to release the following updates to Truss RTO.

Whats New
  • Constituent Subject Periods

    This new feature allows you to supercede older units while still keeping the older unit code in the system for reporting purposes. This is used when the training.gov course code for a unit changes 

  • Provider Accounts Tab

    You can now specify accounting details for a provider, so that any PDF invoices generated by the provider display payment information. 

  • Your Truss RTO system now supports adding files to Campaign URLs. Campaign URLs are addresses without an extension (e.g website.com.au/handbook) you can use these Campaign URLs to link to a file, without having to update the URL each time when the file is updated or changed. Check out our help article on Campaign URLs for further info on how these work.

  • Bounced Email Improvements

    We've made improvements to how the system tracks bounced emails, on the Email Bounces tab you can now mouse over the ? icon to get further details about a specific email bounce (you can also click on the "Bounced" wording link to get a popup window with these details).

  • Appending Additional PDFs to Documents Generated by PDF Layouts.

    You can now append an additional PDF document to the PDF documents that are generated by a PDF template using the new "PDF To Append (Terms Sheet / Legend / etc):" field available while editing a PDF layout. For further help on editing PDF Layouts read our guide Here

  • New Mail Merge Fields

    There are now more Mail Merge fields available for you to include in Email Templates. You can now include Provider Phone Number, Provider Email, Booking Cutoff Date and Employer.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where specific subject resources weren't showing up for trainers in their Trainer Portal
  • Fixed an issue where students were not able to validate their own USI
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to upload more than the Maximum Allowed uploads to an online learning resource
  • Cleared up some visibility issues with Trainer Portal content being displayed incorrectly to trainers that are assigned to an employer
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