As you would be aware, AUSkey is being deactivated at the end of the month. Your TrussRTO system currently uses AUSkey to authenticate as your RTO for the validation (and in some cases, creation) of USIs.

AUSkey's replacement is based on two things - RAM (Relationship Authorisation Manager) and an M2M (Machine To Machine) credential. The M2M credential is held by Truss, and authenticates us to the USI office as ourselves.

Relationship Authorisation Manager is an ATO (Australian Taxation Office) service which allows business owners to authorised third parties to operate on their behalf (tax agents, ASIC agents, etc).

In order to be ready for this change, you will need to have access to Relationship Authorisation Manager.

These are the steps to prepare:

  1. The principal of your RTO must create a MyGovID if they don't already have one:

    This requires installation of an App on an Android Phone or iPhone. The App is used to provide authentication when logging into RAM.

    By Principal we mean a Director, Trustee, Partner, or some other person who will have authority to act as the buiness with the ATO. If you're a sole trader, that's you!

  2. They must increase their "Identity Strength" to at least "Standard" once the App is installed.

    This is done by providing Passport, Drivers Licence, Medicare or Birth Certificate details.

    All this information is securely stored and validated by the ATO. We never see this information

  3. Once this is done, they need to access Relationship Authorisation Manager

    That's done by clicking the "Log in with MyGovID" on the RAM Homepage ( )

  4. Once logged in, they need to link the organisation that holds your RTO Registration

    This is done via the first button on the homepage

    The process involves the ATO using your personal details to find organisations you're associated with. Be sure to select the organisation that holds your RTO Registration

  5. Once linked, verify you can get to the correct location

    The first step is to click "View or manage authorisations..."

    Then click the name of the business that holds your RTO Registration

    On the next screen, click "Manage Notifications":

    If you see the above screen (including mention of the "Office of the Student Identifiers Registrar"), you are ready to go.

Instructions for next steps are provided (along with your Software Registration info) via a dashboard in your Truss RTO system:

Once you've completed all the above steps, proceed to that dashboard to take the final steps.

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