Truss RTO is happy to celebrate the launch of our new Video Tutorial series. You can find these on Vimeo here :
These video tutorials take you through the Truss platform in detail, explaining how each section works and how you can get the most out of your Truss RTO system.

The October 2018 release for Truss RTO brings with it a number of highly requested features. The Newsletter Subscriber Import tool will allow you to transition your marketing lists to Truss RTO so you can continue your marketing campaigns, taking advantage of the statistics and reporting data from your Truss system. We've also rolled out updates to the mailout templates so you can get the most out of this new subscriber feature.

Stay tuned for further updates!

What's New This Release

  • Mailout Template Improvements : RTO Number, TEQSA Number and CRICOS Number added to mailout templates for all clients. Now when you're sending emails out to students, trainers etc your RTO provider number and any other related numbers such as TEQSA or CRICOS/ELICOS numbers will also show.
  • Newsletter Subscriber Import Tool : The newest addition to the Truss RTO software platform is our Mailout Subscriber Import Tool. Here you can upload a spreadsheet of your newsletter contacts for later mailout delivery.
  • Self Directed Delivery : Self Directed Delivery is now ready to use. Students can book in and start an online course in their own time. You can set these types of courses up by going to the class calendar and editing the page. From there add the Subject to the page directly, and select the new display option "Self-Service Direct Enrolment".
  • When Creating a Company Class, Truss will try to prefill the contact to save additional data entry.
  • When invoicing an Employer against a Company Class under the Invoice tab there are minor changes to make it easier to use.
  • Minor fixes to Company Class display to improve readability.
  • Changing the primary Administrator email address will send a validation email to both the new and old email addresses for security purposes.

Feature Changes

  • Marketing dashboard pages have been updated to match the rest of the layout of the other dashboards.
  • When adding a new question to Table of Questions resources, the new question will be added to the bottom of the list by default. You can now also re-order existing questions in your online learning resources.
  • If a PDF Layout or Certificate template has an expression referencing "av_subject_id" (Reportable Subject Title), the Truss RTO system will deliberately prevent you from printing that cert if the attached subject is non-accredited.
  • CI Tickets will now be created automatically if a Certificate Delivery fails due to the student having an invalid or a blank email address.
  • The colour of HyperLinks have been adjusted to match the colour of the panel they're in (ie class links are orange, student links are green.)
  • Preview One-off Email has various visual improvements to improve readability.
  • Ability to change order of LMS Resources via the Online Theory tab on Subjects, use the click/drag icons to set the order of your online learning content.
  • Mailouts will no longer show the extra "Conclusion" paragraph if it's empty.
  • Improved history sidebar panel that is now tidier.
  • The Merge Field menu in Email Template editor is now scrollable.
  • The Primary Provider set on Trainers now correctly associates that Provider if the Trainer makes a Class.
  • Removing items from cart or changing details no longer renders a problem encountered error message.

Upcoming Changes

  • We're looking to soon split sections out of the current "Configuration" menu. Shop Config will become a new section to house Vouchers, Payment Methods and Shipping Methods. Site Config will be replacing the Configuration menu title, with the remaining pages within kept the same.
  • These sidebar layout changes will be accompanied by colour and styling changes for these new menus.
  • LMS Resources Dashboard and Resource Editor changed to be clearer. Possibility of adding a global resource to all enrolments.

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