As the system has evolved, the number of tabs in a Student Profile for an Adminsitrator has become far too long. This will be live on Friday morning this week - the 20 July.

  • We're merging a lot of the current tabs. The new tabs will be: Overview, Contact Details, Documents (containing credential documents and any uploads), Online Learning, Fees, Tickets (for clients that have CI Tickets) and Activity Log

  • The Activity Log will show a centralised list of all contact to the student, including emails, SMSes, notes and more.  This feature has been asked for multiple times, and we are happy to say that your patience is now being rewarded and you will be able to add notes directly to the student record. 

  • The Contact Details panel has been renamed Basic Information, and is a lot tidier.

  • A new panel underneath Basic Information will be added, called Additional Information. This panel will hold Employer information, Access Policy rights, Education Agents and Accounting System IDs. 

  • The Contact Details tab is now the "Staged AVETMISS Editor" across the product, so no one has the long list of information when updating contact details.
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