We've recently made some changes to how Truss RTO is priced and updated the features available for RTOs to utilise.

More Affordable for startup RTOs

We've been working hard this past year to continue to add to and develop the Truss RTO Student Management System for our customers. While our features have increased, our SIMPLE upfront Build & Onboarding cost has become even more affordable! Lowering the cost from $1,995 to $1,795.

More Features for established providers

Effective today our most popular package (Smart) has some new amazing features added without any additional cost:

  • CI Tickets and Task Management.

  • An extra hour of training for new clients.

  • Many more new features released listed under Ongoing Improvements below.

Tailor your onboarding to suit your needs

If you're after something a little extra and unique without upgrading to Enterprise we now have many more add-on options as well:

  • Data Migration Assistance.

  • Certificate Matching.

  • Partnerships / Partnership Setup Assistance.

  • Advanced Client Portal.

  • CRICOS processing.

  • Agent Portal.

  • SCORM Packages.

Ongoing improvements

Think that's impressive? These are just some of the improvements our existing clients have had at no extra charge in the last year:

  • Updated AVETMISS export tools with additional file validation scripting that auto-resolves simple issues for you.

  • Redesigned Student Records to have centralised Contact Log and clearer UI.

  • Staged AVETMISS editing. (Further information on our May Release Notes)

  • The ability to automatically grant competency based on a pass result for web forms/online learning resources (under strictly controlled circumstances).

  • You can now choose to offer reservations for courses, allowing employers & customers the ability to book multiple spots at once to pay for at a later date. Admins can also raise an invoice from reservations that they create to send to the employer or a nominated contact person.

  • New config options to display only the course calendar, to display only course list or to display both for added course display flexibility.

  • Convert an ad-hoc delivery address (on-site course for a client company) to a Training Venue with the click of a button.

  • Training Partners can now transfer students between their own classes.

    And much, much more! [See our update blogs here]

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