Continuing our introduction to Truss RTO video series, today we will focus on on Delivering Certificates to Students and the QR Code validation process. Today’s video starts with a course that has already been run and is now in the “Awaiting Results” stage.

We begin on the dashboard screen, a common screen that you will be using often in your Truss RTO system, and search for the class in the “Classes awaiting Results” menu underneath “Class Management”. We have colour coded the sidebar for extra readability, and split the different management sections off into their own area. These sections can be locked down to specific users if need be.

Once we’ve found the class that’s been run, we need to record student competencies so we simply scroll down to the list of students, and on the right hand side we can set any student to Competent. Once all of the student competencies have been updated, we then “roll” the course forwards a further step to “All results have been entered” and save the course once more. Only when a student is competent in a course can they have certificates generated. Certificates are automatically delivered at 5:30PM everyday as part of the automatic delivery system that the Truss RTO system provides.

However, you will still have the ability to email a certificate to a student manually, to do this find the student and click the “Edit” button next to their specific enrolment for the course that requires a certificate. Once you’re looking at the student’s enrolment you will notice a large yellow “Send Certificate” button in the top right corner, and that’s all you need to use to manually deliver a certificate to a student.

Truss RTO also provides a verification service using these QR codes that you can see at the bottom of generated certificates. When you scan these QR codes with a mobile phone or click on them with a computer, you will automatically be redirected to a secure webpage that will verify the authenticity of the certificate.

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