As every month from here on, we have a set of enhancements rolling out to our clients. There are a couple of larger items, and a few small adjustments.

The following enhancements will be rolled out to Truss RTO users this Monday 1st August (prior to 9:00AM):

  • Updated view of a student's payment status (in a Class, and on their Enrolment record)
  • Improved Payment Journal design and layout
  • Restricting access to the Student Portal to enrolled/invited students only
  • New Electives Table: Pre-filling dates & content on child units inside a Skill Set
  • Changes to configuration for non-reportable subjects (so you don't have to capture unnecessary AVETMISS data)
  • For clients who use our outbound SMS feature, an ability for students and trainers to reply to SMSes via a web link

We look forward to your feedback, and hope this improves your experience with our product.

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