As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we are pleased to announce that the following enhancements will be rolled out to Truss RTO users this Thursday 21st July (prior to 9:00AM):

  • Updated design and page structure of the Student Portal
  • Updated design and structure of the left-hand menu (Sidebar) when logged in as an Administrator to Truss RTO

Student Portal

We believe that the Student Portal update provides an improved experience for your students before, during AND after training (reducing student confusion and therefore trainer and admin burden). We have made it clearer what (if any) pre-course work needs to be completed, the completion status of pre-course work, what the student's current and upcoming training schedule is, an easy-to-ready course date and location, and a view of what training the student has done previously with your organisation (including the ability to download certs for completed/competent items).


The Sidebar update will assist you in navigating quickly to the features you use every day. We have grouped common task types together into categories that are clear and easy to understand. We have not renamed the options you're used to clicking on, or changed how they work - just a tidy-up to be more user-friendly!

  • Student Management now contains just the Student Database, Invoiced Students, No Show Students, and Email Bounces. This is the new area for all of the daily tasks regarding students.
  • Class Management is a brand new sidebar menu to help you manage classes more effectively. It contains the old Scheduled Classes, Classes Awaiting Results and Archived Classes menus under the one heading.
  • Training Admin is a repurposed menu that now contains all of your RTO config items: Subjects, Providers, Employers, Training Venues, as well as the PDF & Email Templates and Scheduled Notifications management.
  • Marketing category has not been changed
  • Website Admin - this is a new category: for those who have websites built by Truss, you will now be able to manage your website content directly!
  • Configuration category has not been changed
  • Reporting tools are now grouped together, including Data Backup and AVETMISS Reports
  • Users has been updated to have Trainers sit under this category
  • Help & Support - now includes a link to our online support documentation portal

More detailed help and support documentation for these features will be available post-launch (within the support documentation portal mentioned above). We look forward to your feedback, and hope this improves your experience with our product. The team are working on a formal release schedule and roadmap and hope to have similar annnouncements on a regular basis!

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