We are pleased to announce a great new feature for CRICOS RTOs that utilise Education Agents. Truss RTO now includes a dedicated Agent Portal for agents to record and manage new student applications and track leads.

This works with the recently added application management functionality to allow agents to login in to a dedicated area to record and manage student enrolment applications.

First a provider sets up an agent record, with the ability to record details about the agent including local and overseas location details and upload a signed agent agreement for record keeping. From here you can record the commission that an agent receives either as a flat rate or a specific commission per course.

Agents can then login to the system and start adding applications in the Agent Portal. Applications begin as a student enquiry where basic contact and enquiry details are recorded. The agent can then start adding required details to the application including course and intakes, full student AVETMISS details, CRICOS data and upload any additional files such as signed application forms etc.

Once the application has been finalised, admin staff can review the application and generate a schedule of fees outstanding. The agent is able to record fees paid and claim commission owed. Finally the application can be easily converted to a new student enrolment, by clicking finalise enrolment.

We have been trialling the product with a number of clients since early December, and the Agent Portal is now available to all Truss RTO Smart and Enterprise clients who use the CRICOS feature.

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