The newly released August 2018 update brings improvements to the documentation of the Truss RTO system by introducing the much awaited Contextual Help feature. In the top right corner of any page in your Truss system you'll see a question mark icon, click that to bring in a sidebar article with additional help documentation relating directly to the screen you're looking at. We have also launched Tours, these are interactive walkthroughs of the Truss RTO system for first time users.

NEW Features
  • You can now make intakes with Accredited Skillsets.
  • Contextual help is now available on all Truss RTO systems. Click the question mark to see help related to the screen you are currently looking at.
  • Virtual Tours are now live, with tours showing up if you're looking at something for the first time.
  • New subjects synced from will have "Prevent Class Creation" ticked by default - this encourages the user to create programs with units inside rather than creating a Class being run directly referencing a Unit of Competency
  • The Change Email button on Short Class pages has moved to near the email address, and now there's a way of changing the email address and resending an invite directly from an Enrolment
  • Certificate Template "Text Blocks" will no longer show if the PDF Layout isn't directly referencing those layouts. * Additionally, it will only show the referenced Text Block
  • Ability to edit the Google Map of a Training Delivery Location now available
  • Payment Journal is slowly being phased out in favour of a cleaner, less complex Invoicing functionality. (Coming in the next Release).
Feature Changes
  • Admin View for smaller screens including laptops has been adjusted
  • Styling Breakouts from the Admin Portal when updating AVETMISS or USI no longer happens
  • Creating Company Class prefills contact details now as well as address
Upcoming Changes
  • A new Publication Setting for "Archived" content. This setting will remove "Archived" items from grid lists and will be instead displayed in a separate section. Useful for archiving old learning content that is no longer used, while still preserving the history.
  • Updates to how validation errors are displayed to admins to make these clearer.
  • Granting admins the ability to set the order of online learning resources in the student portal (if multiple resources are attached to a single unit).

This update is being rolled out to All Truss RTO systems on August 31st.
Stay tuned to our blog for further updates to the Truss RTO software package.

The August 2018 release of the Truss RTO system brings with it a much-requested update, Contextual Help.
Contextual help will display relevant help articles from the Truss RTO support documentation in a sidebar on your Truss RTO system.

This update is rolling out to all clients, so take note and inform your staff so they can use the newly provided tools.

In the top right corner of any page in your Truss RTO system, you'll see the new ? Icon.

Click this to open up the contextual help menu, the system can see which section you're currently looking at and will display related help documentation if you ever get stuck.

If you want to popout the documentation so you can move it to a second display for example, click the Popout icon.

Note : As the Contextual Help displays in the sidebar, you must be looking at your Truss RTO system from a Desktop or Laptop sized display.


Also included in this update is the Tours system. This is for first time users of the Truss RTO system to go through a quick walkthrough of key sections, like subjects, students and classes.

Upon viewing a section of the Truss system that you've not seen before, you'll see the Tour popup.

Click Next to progress through the tour, you can also click outside of the tour at any stage to cancel and return to the dashboard.

If you want to re-run a tour, you can find these underneath the context...

With the continuation of streamlining and refreshing the system to make it easier for our clients to use, we've merged the EDIT and VIEW buttons for Employers.

This affects all clients so please take note and let your staff know not to worry when things have changed.

Clients with Basic Employer dashboard:

  • Separate buttons EDIT and VIEW merged - now VIEW/EDIT
  • If a "Booking Page" has been detected by the system, there will be a button in the top right to view the Employer's Booking Page
  • Quick Actions panel now includes the buttons "Edit Details" and "Book a Course for this Employer". Changing the details will open in a popup window.
  • Reporting now has Quick Actions panel for any reports needed - contact Truss Support staff to add any Special Reports to this list

Clients with Advanced Employer dashboard:

  • Main dashboard layout has remained the same, however the definition of buttons have changed:
    • Edit button takes you to Employer Editor, allowing you to edit Basic Information, Addresses and Enrolment Details for the Employer's portal. Quick Actions also include Create New User button
    • Portal button allows you to view what the Employer normally sees, but inside the admin dash
    • Calendar button takes you to the Employer's own personalised Booking Calendar - colour and logo set up under Enrolment Details panel
  • Tabs have been tidied
  • Reporting tab shows any custom...

As the system has evolved, the number of tabs in a Student Profile for an Adminsitrator has become far too long. This will be live on Friday morning this week - the 20 July.

  • We're merging a lot of the current tabs. The new tabs will be: Overview, Contact Details, Documents (containing credential documents and any uploads), Online Learning, Fees, Tickets (for clients that have CI Tickets) and Activity Log

  • The Activity Log will show a centralised list of all contact to the student, including emails, SMSes, notes and more.  This feature has been asked for multiple times, and we are happy to say that your patience is now being rewarded and you will be able to add notes directly to the student record. 

  • The Contact Details panel has been renamed Basic Information, and is a lot tidier.

  • A new panel underneath Basic Information will be added, called Additional Information. This panel will hold Employer information, Access Policy rights, Education Agents and Accounting System IDs. 

  • The Contact Details tab is now the "Staged AVETMISS Editor" across the product, so no one has the long list of information when updating contact details.

We've made a few design changes this past month to increase the clarity of Truss RTO and provide you with more immediate information.

The Subjects Dash

The team have been hard at work redesigning the Subjects dashboard page. The Subjects dashboard (under Training Admin) as it stood was too busy to the eye, and didn't make what you needed to know immediately as clear as it should have been.

Keeping this in mind, we've changed the design and layout from this:

To this:

We've recently made some changes to how Truss RTO is priced and updated the features available for RTOs to utilise.

More Affordable for startup RTOs

We've been working hard this past year to continue to add to and develop the Truss RTO Student Management System for our customers. While our features have increased, our SIMPLE upfront Build & Onboarding cost has become even more affordable! Lowering the cost from $1,995 to $1,795.

More Features for established providers

Effective today our most popular package (Smart) has some new amazing features added without any additional cost:

  • CI Tickets and Task...

The Truss RTO team have been hard at work over the autumn adding new features to the Truss software platform.

The two major announcements are the Staged AVETMISS Editor and the new Short Class Finalise Workflow.

Staged AVETMISS Editor

When looking at a Student Record there's a tab called "Update Contact Details". Currently for a lot of clients this is showing a full online enrolment form, and can be confusing to edit particular fields. We've been trialling a staged editor to allow admin users to update just part of the AVETMISS record and save independently of the rest of the information. Next week on Wednesday we will be releasing this featu...

On Monday the 19th February, we will be rolling out a minor change to the Update Contact Details tab on Student Records (which is visible there, and numerous other places) and Email Templates.

This update will not affect your students or trainers.

We are breaking the long AVETMISS form on the page into smaller chunks, allowing changes to specific, grouped data. This allows you to update data "individually" rather than losing any data you've entered if the information doesn't validate on the larger overall form.

We are also adding the functionality to add General Purpose Document Templates to Email Templates.

There is a new field on Email Templates...

With the new year upon us, new policies are coming into effect that will impact how you must collect AVETMISS and USI in the new year.

These are changes that you should have already discussed with your Compliance Manager or audit consultant, so this update will focus on how Truss RTO implements these changes.

Note that these changes affect data collected in 2018, not the data you will report in February for your 2017 activity.

The AVETMISS changes aren't huge, but they will impact how your RTO functions. The USI rules - we feel - have now reached something that looks like their final form.

USI is now mandatory for all onshor...

Wow, what a year! It's entirely beyond me how it's run by so quickly; it feels like only a few short weeks ago that we were wrapping up 2016.

With the holiday season upon us, our team will be taking a well-earned break. Our network will be monitored for any urgent issues over the period, but any support requests will be responded to after the break in 2018.

We will be closing at midday on the 21st of December 2017, returning rested and refreshed on the 3rd of January, 2018.

If you have any end-of-month reporting requests, please ensure you do a dry run of these reports over the next few days as we will not be available on 31 December.