Winter is here and we have been hard at work with some great updates in the pipeline. We are pleased to announce the following updates to Truss RTO.

Whats New

  • Bulk Outcomes Editor

    Updating outcomes in bulk is now even easier and now gives you clear feedback as to where you are in the process with a progress bar. You can add additional students or units before finalising and once finished you can now easily return back to the class / intake.
    The Bulk Outcomes editor has also been improved to allow different dates per-unit, to give you a new path for easy bulk population of training plans for an entire intake.

  • Document Templates

    Truss RTO can now render templated documents in Microsoft Word format in addition to PDF templates. This allows you to produce offer letters for students, etc and be able to make ammendments after the document has been generated. Clients can find more information on creating and editing document templates by searching "PDF Document Templates" in their support portal.

  • Added ability for students to update their own USI

    When students are filling in their USI and they already have a matching record, they will be presented with the option to update their USI.

  • You are not live alert

    Before your system has been moved into production, a clear alert will be displayed at the top of your screen indicating that your system is not yet in production and warning you not to save data that will not be imported. For more information on what data is carried over please see "Testing Mode" in your support portal.

Fixes & Minor Improvements

  • Postcode Validation has been improved

  • Multipage invoices and receipts now show page numbers and continued next page text

  • Fixed an issue where previously issued certificates where the student details had been updated would sometimes show the student's old details. Other aspects of certificate wording remain locked but student detail updates propagate through to certificates.

  • Improved security of our credit card form by stripping out unnecessary information when repeating a form back to a visitor/admin after a payment failure

  • Intakes can now be directly attached to an Employer (previously Students, Enrolments, and Short Courses could, but this adds an important touch for our clients doing Traineeships and Workplace delivery)

As an RTO, you're required under the conditions of your registration to report Total VET Activity to NCVER each year (comprising any students not already reported to a State Authority). This helps ASQA and others monitor training activity and needs nationwide, and provides students who have given you a USI with a central register of their training undertaken.

If you're a funded RTO, you have to make cleanliness and validity a focus each and every month - your business's very survival may rely on it; monthly lodgements force you to keep your data clean, up to date, and in good shape.

If you're predominantly fee for service, the annual scramble to report by 28 February can be worse than a chore - it can feel like a significant strain on your business at an already cash-strapped time coming out of the Christmas period.

Each year we help many RTOs, both Truss RTO clients and those using other systems, with their annual reporting obligations. Each year the challenges shift slightly, and many RTOs are caught on the back foot.

What's changed in 2017?

NCVER publish a list of validation rule updates regularly, the most recent being available here:

There are a long list of validation rule adju...

We are pleased to announce a great new feature for CRICOS RTOs that utilise Education Agents. Truss RTO now includes a dedicated Agent Portal for agents to record and manage new student applications and track leads.

This works with the recently added application management functionality to allow agents to login in to a dedicated area to record and manage student enrolment applications.

First a provider sets up an agent record, with the ability to record details about the agent including local and overseas location details and upload a signed agent agreement for record keeping. From here you can record the commission that an agent receives either as a flat rate or a specific commission per course.

Agents can then login to the system and start adding applications in the Agent Portal. Applications begin as a student enquiry where basic contact and enquiry details are recorded. The agent can then start adding required details to the application including course and intakes, full student AVETMISS details, CRICOS data and upload any additional files such as signed application forms etc.

Once the application has been finalised, admin staff can review the application and generate a schedule of fees outstanding. The agent is able to record fees paid and claim commission owed. Finally the application can be easily converted to a new student enrolment, by clicking finalise enrolment.

We have been trialling the product with a number of clients si...

I'm very pleased to be able to make two announcements today that make Truss RTO even more affordable for Training Organisations of any size!

Unlimited Seats for Truss RTO Smart and Enterprise

One of the many stress factors when you're trying to grow a business is the cascading series of additional work that growth brings; each new step you take seems to trigger another half dozen that you have to take to catch up.

As we speak to RTOs across Australia it's become clear that per-seat licensing creates logistical issues for an RTO - How do you deal with fluctuations in your team size? What if you have casual staff?

Up until now, we've dealt with this by giving our clients a reasonable number of seats to get them started, and the ability to buy more seats when needed.

I think we can do better than this - so effective today Truss RTO Smart and Truss RTO Enterprise come with unlimited seats at a fixed price.

We've done this by moving to a clearer, simpler model where you have an allocation of support time each month, and can purchase additional assistance (training, adjustments, or ongoing consultation) when you need it and only when you need it.

On top of this you have access to detailed reports indicating what your time allocation is spent on - so you're clear on what value we're delivering.

This is only half the story though;

Reduced Pricing for Truss RTO ...

The November Truss RTO release has been deployed across our network.

There’s one headline new feature this month - Application Management - and a number of minor improvements.

Application Management

For our clients who have a heavy focus on longer qualifications, manage your student enquiries and convert leads into paid enrolments faster with our new application management tool. Manage all your leads in the one place, whether they come from email, phone calls or web enquiries. Attach courses and intakes to an application and be able to manage the application stages from enquiry right through to enrolment, or even use Applicatio...

Truss Education are proud to sponsor Insources' 2016 VET Policy, Compliance and Funding summit.

We're looking forward to speaking to stakeholders across the industry over two days on 22-23 November as participants engage in workshops and listen to over 20 keynote speakers from industry, regulators, and research.

If you haven't yet signed up there's still time!

The October Truss RTO release has been deployed across our network.

There’s one headline new feature this month - CRICOS Enrolments add-on - and a number of minor improvements.

This month’s release will be great news for those that take CRICOS enrolments. We have added the ability to record all the necessary data for international students enrolling in a course under a CRICOS contract.

When enrolling a student into a CRICOS course, you will now see an additional tab marked “International”

The Truss Education team were thrilled to sponsor the 2016 National VET Conference on the sunny Gold Coast.

At a time of some upheaval and uncertainty in the VET sector Velg did an excellent job of assembling an array of speakers who covered topics from the day-to-day minutiae that goes into ensuring you deliver quality, relevant traini...

The September Truss RTO release is now being gradually deployed across our network.

This month's update introduces two brand new major features, the Student Merge Tool and Booking Options, as well as a range of minor improvements.

Student Merge Tool

The next time you click on Student Database underneath Student Management in your left hand sidebar, you might see the following prompt:

The Truss RTO system will now scan through all available student records and attempt to identify potential duplicate records to merge. Duplicates might arise when students enrol without a USI, or data has...

Continuing our introduction to Truss RTO video series, today we will focus on on Delivering Certificates to Students and the QR Code validation process. Today’s video starts with a course that has already been run and is now in the “Awaiting Results” stage.

We begin on the dashboard screen, a common screen that you will be using often in your Truss RTO system, and search for the class in the “Classes awaiting Results” menu underneath “Class Management”. We have colour coded the sidebar for extra readability, and split the different management sections off into their own area. These sections can be locked down to specific users if need be.

Once we’ve found the c...