Truss RTO is a full-featured Student Management System serving the needs of RTOs large and small.

Every feature we build into our system is based on the guiding principles of Simplicity, cleanliness and usability,  Acquiring data from your students using the internet (not paper), and Accessibility on any device

Find out more about our extensive feature set below:

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Personalised Deployment

We treat every Truss RTO rollout as a distinct project with distinct needs, because every RTO is unique.

Student Database

Save time, money, and hassle with student-centered Data Entry

Application Management

Convert leads into paid enrolments faster


Our CRM provides clear answers and simple solutions for RTOs large and small.

Classes and Intakes

Combine easy scheduling, delegation of data entry to trainers, and breakdown of intakes into sessions

Easier Enrolments

Easily collect enrolment data via email or SMS, smartphone, website, or third party delegation.

Friendlier Public Bookings

Publish a course calendar or take applications on your website

Efficient Accounting

Track cash payments against students, batch students for invoicing externally, or run your entire RTO via online payments!

Smart Subject Database

Get automatic sync of your RTO's scope; manage Qualifications, Custom units, externally run subjects, and more

Easier AVETMISS Reporting

Let Truss RTO help make AVETMISS a breeze - get clean data on the way in, and detect any issues on the way out

Online Assessments

Take the time, effort, hassle, and paper out of Assessments by recording them from any device

Student Documents

Collate attachments against students with ease; stop pushing paper and make life easier come audit time.

Trainer Portal

An elegant, cross-device-compatible trainer portal comes with every version of our product

Student Portal

Our beautiful, cross-device compatible Student Portal is built in for all our clients - at no extra charge.

Electronic Certificates

Issue beautiful, secure, verifiable certificates by email or post

Automated Reminders

Take the effort out of Student Management; let our system chase student data, payment, or learning tasks

CRICOS Enrolments

Make onboarding offshore students (directly or via agents) simple, tidy, and fast with Truss RTO.

About Truss RTO

Smarter, Friendlier Student Management. Truss RTO revolutionises day-to-day life for growing RTOs.

Truss RTO is a Student Management System suited to growing RTOs whether they deliver training online, face to face, or blended. Truss RTO can process bookings for your courses online via any internet-enabled device. It collects full AVETMISS data from your students and performs live USI validation. It helps you manage your compliance load including AVETMISS reporting and audit facilities (including state funding and CRICOS), automatic electronic certificate issue including verification and security, and can be tailored to the needs of any growing RTO.

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