Easier Enrolments

Collecting Enrolments via Truss RTO is unbelievably easy - the philosophy that students should record their own data is central to our design, meaning we always work to give you processes that mean your Admin staff don't have to touch any student data on the way in.

  • Onboarding via Invite
    Once a student (or Admin) has selected an Intake, Class, or Subject (Direct Enrolment) for a Student, a Pending Enrolment is created and the student is sent an Invite. This Invite could be an email or an SMS; it contains a link to take them to the entry point of the student portal. The student identifies them self using a USI or email address, and begins filling out the information required for their subject type and funding contract - simple. Gone are the days that your admin staff will sit on the phone with a student asking for information; gone are the days of transcribing paper forms. Here in the future, students can enrol on any internet enabled device.

  • Bookings via Shopping Cart
    For simpler workflows where pre-eligibility checks are not required (e.g. Fee for Service Short Courses), you can collect a booking fee upfront and allow the student to complete Onboarding themselves online.

  • Delegation of Invite Access
    When you're running classes for client companies, you often don't know who the students will be until the day of the course - which means you're stuck back in the days of paper enrolment forms. With Truss RTO we can help you get around this; easily send a link to your client's HR manager allowing them to trigger Invites or manually enrol students themselves - meaning you're never caught with a paper workflow again.

  • Manual/Paper Enrolment
    Obviously even with all this automation there will always be situations where you do end up with a paper enrolment form; be that because the student didn't have an internet enabled device, or the training was being run remotely. Truss RTO allows your Admins and Trainers to enter manual enrolments transcribed from a paper form - even with the ability for them to enter partial information if some of what the student has provided is absent or incorrect. Enrolments entered with incomplete or incorrect data are highlighted for attention until corrected.

  • Eligibility Checklists
    Truss RTO provides you with tools that enforce the eligibility criteria and additional information that is necessary for Funded CRICOS / ELICOS enrolments - meaning an Application never becomes an Enrolment until criteria are satisfied. During deployment we configure template eligibility checklists for the contracts you have, but you always retain the ability to customise these (add extra questions, forms, or attachments) - and you've always got the ability to bypass electronic checks if you can vouch for the eligibility criteria being satisfied on paper.

With Truss RTO you'll not only save loads of staff time, but you'll never get caught short again.