Classes and Intakes

All training activity in Truss RTO is managed via Enrolments. Enrolments can be either Direct, or into a Class/Intake. Enrolments are progressed from Pending , through Pre-validation to Confirmed, then issued an Outcome once activity is completed.

We've designed Truss RTO to make it simple for you to manage your enrolments whatever your size; we have clients who train 150,000 students a year and clients who train 80. The optimal way to manage your activity differs based on different delivery modes and subject type (short course or qualification); whatever your mix, we've got you covered.

  • Direct Enrolment
    Direct Enrolments allow you to manually, unit-by-unit, manage a student's progress through a Qualification. A student's entry into a course is recorded, their units required to complete the course are automatically pre-populated and an Admin or Trainer progresses through these units, manually recording start date, end date, hours of training undertaken, delivery mode, and location. This is ideal for low student volumes, or for situations where a student is pulled out of an Intake and needs to be run on a manual schedule, but for RTOs who deal with a larger cohort we have better tools!
  • Class Management
    Classes allow you to run short courses with amazing efficiency and speed. Publish a Class on your website's booking calendar, take bookings from students, have the system automatically chase them for complete information, then hand the Class to a trainer to record assessments on the day. Once the Trainer completes the classes' assessments, they hand it back to your Admins to confirm documentation is comprehensive and complete, and then Finalise the Class, which issues the qualifications and automatically schedules certificates for delivery.
  • Intake Management
    Intake Management leverages the efficiency of Class Management to bring the same benefits to your longer qualifications. Intakes can be published on the website and receive applications, which (depending on how you've configured your Intake) are then checked for funding eligibility. With Truss RTO, you can mix multiple funding modes in the one intake - put CRICOS students in the same cohort as State Funded students and keep your management tidy and your reporting correct. Scheduling an Intake automatically creates all the Sessions necessary to deliver that intake, and enrols the students in them. Once enrolled, they see their timetable via the Student Portal, as do Trainers via the Trainer Portal. Each Session in an Intake is handled like a Class - Trainers record attendance and any assessment information necessary for that session, then hand the Session to your Admins to finalise.

    From this information, Truss RTO:

    - Tracks and reports on Student Progress
    - Automatically records correct and verifiable start and end times for each unit
    - Automatically records correct and verifiable contact hours for each unit (feeding into your reporting)
    - Prompts Admins to confirm issue of units where all required activity has been completed
    - Prompts Admins to issue qualifications when all requirements are complete
    - Automatically gives options for issue of lesser qualifications when a student is withdrawing (if, for example, they've met the requirements of a Cert II having originally enrolled in a Cert III)

    Find out just how much easier life can be with smarter, friendlier student management.