Student Database
Save time, money, and hassle with student-centered data collection

The core of the Truss RTO system.

Via elegant and easy-to-use interfaces for Admins, Trainers, and Students, we collect the information necessary for each and every enrolment - from basic contact information right through to a full AVETMISS data set, including additional fields for traineeships, state and federal funding, and CRICOS.

  • Truss RTO asks what's required - and only what's required
    We organise data collection into tidy, logical groups that can be entered piece-by-piece. Truss RTO doesn't scare your students off with a giant pro-forma enrolment form that can only be filled out in full, and it doesn't burden your Admins with data that's unnecessary or irrelevant. We don't ask for extraneous information on your students that's not necessary for the programs they're enrolling into or the funding contracts they're attached to.

  • Unlimited student cohort size at all levels of our product
    Unlike some competitors, we don't charge per student, and we don't apply limits. If you're a new RTO, start with our Simple package and keep that for your first 50 students, or 100,000 - don't get stung with fees purely for growing your student body

  • Easily update Student Data whenever you like and from any device, even if the data is unreadable or incomplete
    Truss RTO's power comes from its live checking and validation, but Trainers and Admins can enter data partially or allowing for errors, for someone else to sort out later.

  • Record tagged attachments, electronic forms, videos, and more
    The Student Database integrates neatly with our Assessment and Document Management tools, allowing Admins and Trainers to centrally manage, reference, and report on everything relating to a student.

  • Detect duplicate students and automatically merge
    With USI it's easier than ever to automatically keep track of the same students returning to do training, but what about your Legacy Data? Truss RTO can detect probable matches between your current student data and legacy information, and prompt you to review and merge the records. Merges are always reversable if done incorrectly.

  • Monitor all student changes and updates with our Activity Log
    The Activity Log tab on a student's page will show you a detailed history list of all events related to this student. You can see successful login attempts, competency changes, USI Validations, documents issued and more. 

Our easy to use, password-free Student Portal is available at no charge on all levels of our product, and puts data collection in your students' hands, saving you immeasurable time and money.