The Timetabling system is a powerful tool to help you schedule classes that run over multiple weeks in a term. It requires some configuration to initially get setup, but once configured it will save you quite a bit of time.

  • Terms
    "Term" in the Truss system refers to a Term/Semester/Study Period, and they are quite simple to setup. Terms require a start/end date, and can also include a census date if required.

  • Default Unit Timetables
    A Default Unit Timetable is a list of sessions that a student is required to attend to deliver the unit (ie 2 tutorials and 1 lecture per week). To create a Default Unit Timetable, you can edit the according unit in your subjects menu, or once an Intake is assigned to a Term you can edit the sessions by clicking on the hyperlinked Sessions/Group column under the Units and Requirements tab.

TrussRTO makes scheduling and organising long running classes and terms a breeze, you'll be surprised you ever got by without it!