Friendlier Public Bookings

Much of Truss RTO's power to drive more business for your RTO comes from easy public bookings and applications. Never lose a student from lack of clarity about availability of courses or places again.

  • Booking Calendar
    For RTOs with a large volume of short courses, this allows prospective students to see at a glance what's coming up, clicking a date to book in (with or without payment). Calendars can be filtered by the Student to show only specific subjects, specific locations/states or specific time periods. Optionally show space availability (number of spots left), and show classes as full (or drop them from the calendar) when all spaces are taken.

  • Class/Intake List
    For RTOs who have a shorter list of Intakes or Classes, our List tool provides clarity on the location, content, pricing and availability of Intakes. Filterable by course type or location, these lists provide a clear and simple way for Students to book online.

  • Embeddable Widget
    While every rollout of Truss RTO comes with a custom, branded student portal, you also have the ability included to embed a calendar or Class/Intake list into your external website. Students can see from your homepage (or course list page) what you have upcoming, and book right from your own website.