If you have a student or employer looking to to book multiple spots in the same course, the reservations tool is for you!

  • Taking & Invoicing Reservations
    TrussRTO allows you to have employers and students reserve multiple spots in a class, allowing groups of people to book together to be invoiced later at your discretion. Fill out the different information for the members of the group and, with a single click, send out all the invites that contain login details and instructions to everyone attending the class. 

  • Delegating to 3rd Parties
    We also allow you to delegate someone to reserve a certain amount of places for a course, and to account for all your course reservations needs and quirks! 

TrussRTO makes it easy to reserve multiple spots in a class and delegating to third parties. We're here to help you save time and make your RTO life a little bit easier!