CRM Employer Management

Every rollout of Truss RTO includes CRM functionality - the ability to track opportunities, invoice client companies, maintain contact information and keep track of students trained per organisation to enable marketing based on qualification renewal.

Basic CRM
This level is suited to small to medium RTOs who deal primarily with small businesses, or with individual areas within larger organisations. It allows you to:

  • Manage enquiries for group bookings
  • Manage client companies and contact information (one set of contact information and one default training location per company)
  • Invoice companies
  • Send invites to third party enrollers (let the HR manager at your client company manage the list of students attending a course)

Advanced CRM
Available in the Truss RTO Enterprise package, this adds the following capabilities to Basic CRM:

  • Manage complex organisations including hierarchy (divisions, departments, subsidiaries)
  • Manage multiple stakeholders in a business
  • Record tagging information for the company such as Employee ID
  • Record tagging information for organisational hierarchy such as Division ID, School Number
  • Retain multiple stored training delivery locations per company

Optional Add-on: Employer Portal
As an optional addition to Advanced CRM, the Employer Portal allows selected contacts at your client businesses to log into a portal that allows them to manage their own training:

  • Request training
  • Download past certificates
  • See pre-set training pricing
  • Run some reports on their current and past training activity