Student Portal

Our easy to use, password-free Student Portal comes free with all levels of our product.

Giving your students a beautiful, responsive (works on all devices), password-free student portal is a benefit that we think speaks for itself, but here's the skinny on why this is so important:

  • Put data collection in your students' hands
    We automate the process of collecting a full set of AVETMISS data from your students via their desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Let students correct typos, let students correct postcodes, let students give you correct answers and let our system help them get answers right first time to save AVETMISS headaches later. Let our system automatically chase your students who haven't completed their information or haven't got it right - even in our entry level package.

  • Collect tagged attachments, electronic forms, videos, and more
    The Student Portal integrates neatly with our Assessment and Document Management tools, letting you collect information from students to satisfy funding requirements, identity verification, validation of assessments, and more.

  • Simple, Password-Free Login
    Give your students the tools they need without the hassle - we use Email and/or USI Number to validate students. Stop fielding phone calls from people who've forgotten their password; as long as they have access to their email, they're in!

  • Tidy, clear indication of upcoming classes and coursework requirements
    Whether your e-Learning content is external, uses our Integrated SCORM player, or even if you don't have any at all and your students use PDF workbooks, make it easy for students to see what tasks they have to undertake before class, then a clear indication of where and when their enrolled classes are - including directions!

  • Let students access prior qualifications
    Your past students can easily download electronic copies of certificates from Truss RTO - a single click once they're in spits out the document they were originally issued, with the wording they originally received. As always, these certificates are beautifully branded to match your business and verifiable with a QR code, click in a PDF, or by entering the certificate details into your website.

With a beautiful, simple, cross-device compatible Student Portal, your RTO will present smarter and friendlier than your competition.