Electronic Certificates

What's your RTO's certificate issue process today? Do you go to your student management system, open reporting tools, enter an occurence ID, go find the stationery, put it in the printer...

In Truss RTO, a single click from a completed enrolment gives you a beautifully branded, verifiable certificate - or sends it to the student.

  • Beautiful, custom-branded certificates for all our clients
    As part of deployment for every client we either customise template designs for you, or work with you to design your certificates from scratch, based on existing documents or from a blank slate.

  • Automated email delivery with optional printing
    Save a bundle by eliminating printed certificates except when students specifically want or need them (even charge extra for the privilege if you like!) - all competent students get issued their certificates automatically by email on the day their competency is issued.

  • Secured, verifiable certificates
    All certificates are delivered in a secured format and include a QR code which can be scanned or clicked to provide proof-positive that the certificate is genuine (including confirming the text of the certificate and the name of the student).

Save money, make a better impression, and bring your RTO into the 21st century with a move to Electronic Certificate issue with Truss RTO