Smart Subject Database

Truss RTO manages your learning activity using a hierarchy of Subjects. A Subject can be a Qualification, Skill Set, Accredited Course, Unit of Competency, or Module. In addition, you can create custom, non-reportable Subjects that allow you to batch training or simply do non-accredited training.

Automatic Scope Management

Your units, courses, and skillsets on scope are synchronised automatically from Key inclusions in this feature:

  • New additions to scope automatically appear in Truss RTO within 24 hours
  • Superseded units are detected and highlighted for action
  • Units that form part of a qualification you are approved for are available for entry as a credit transfer even if not part of your ordinary scope
  • Nominal hours are pre-populated automatically, but can be overridden within specific programs or overall

Non-Reportable / Non-Accredited Training

Although Truss RTO is geared for the smoothest possible collection of a complete and accurate AVETMISS dataset, you can use the system to perform non-accredited training too.

When non-accredited training is undertaken, the range of questions asked of a student is automatically shortened to simplify onboarding and improve the experience, while still gathering the information you need and issuing beautiful, verifiable certificates.

Managing Document Inputs

Requirements with regard to assessment and record-keeping can be specified per-Subject, whether tasks for trainers, assessments per student to be undertaken on the day, or pre-requisites required from the student before arrival, you can easily configure these across your range of content.

Managing Document Outputs

Beautiful, verifiable certificates are available in every Truss RTO package and are easily configured per-subject. This includes the ability to override the document content in use for different variants of programs covering the same accredited units.

Unlike some other platforms, Document Outputs are not Reports, and are easily downloadable from the Enrolment Record, Class, or Intake (in bulk) with a single click.