Trainer Portal

Truss RTO comes with an elegant, cross-device-compatible trainer portal in every version of our product. 

  • Enter Classes and Students
    Trainers can create Classes (optionally), and enrol students, either to prepare for a Class or to deal with students who failed to fully enrol before the day arrived. Clear visibility of pre-course tasks is given, along with easy tools to allow upload and tagging of documents and assessments.

  • Enforce Business Rules and Documentation Needs
    Classes managed through the Trainer Portal cannot be handed to Admin staff for certificate issue until all documentation requirements are met by the trainer. Naturally the ability to push individual courses through is possible (from the Admin side), but the default configuration allows you to easily keep trainers in compliance with your internal rules and ensure the competencies they're requesting issue of have the correct evidence in all cases.

  • Self-management of Accreditation's (Add-on for SMART+ Plans)
    In our Enterprise product, Trainers can upload evidence of their accreditations and request amendments to their approved scope. Trainers will only be allowed to run Classes for which current evidence of competency is provided.

  • Co-Provider Billing (Add-on for SMART+ Plans)
    Our Enterprise product allows for billing of co-providers through the Trainer Portal. Trainers can create classes they've run and enrol students, but can only lodge classes for certificate issue once they've detoured via the shopping cart to pay their agreed rate for the certificates - automate your accounts processes and keep control of certificate flow.

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