Integrated SCORM Player

The SCORM Player is an Add-on feature for your Truss system, allowing you to play SCORM packages in TrussRTO.

  • What is SCORM?
    SCORM is a container format for publication of eLearning content. SCORM can be published by the Truss platform, but it is separate from it. The SCORM package and its contents are the responsibility of the content developer,  interpretation of "commits" supplied by the SCORM package, and mapping those to outcomes, is handled by the Truss system.

  • Simple and Straightforward Integration
    TrussRTO makes integrating with SCORM a breeze. Simply select the SCORM content .zip file, upload it into your TrussRTO system, and you're good to go. We also give you many tools and methods to test out your SCORM package to make sure everything is perfect for your students.

  • Reset Resource Progress
    Sometimes you may have a student who is unable to complete their online learning progress, in which case Truss makes it easy to reset the student's SCORM resource attempt, while also keeping old attempt records available to refer back to.

Truss makes working with SCORM packages super easy, so what are you waiting for?