Online Assessments

Whether completed by trainers or by students, Online Assessments take the hassle - and the paper - out of validating competencies.

  • Simple Survey-style format with powerful capabilities
    Our Online Assessment tool allows configuration of forms that can be used as assessments or purely for documentation. Specify correct answers in multiple choice, send responses for review/marking after submission, or simply keep on file. Questions can even be answered in the form of video, photo, or audio uploads.

  • Trainer Entry via Phone, Tablet, or Laptop with Comments
    When configured as a Trainer-Entry document, Trainers can enter assessments against students (or use the tools to record information about courses) including attachments and optionally comments, from any internet-enabled device including tablets and smartphones. Trainer submitted assessments and competencies are always lodged for review by your Admin staff before issue of certificates.

  • Student Entry via Phone, Tablet, or Laptop
    When configured for entry by Students, Assessments appear in the Student Portal under their requirements for the enrolment they relate to. Upon submission of an Assessment by a student, Assessments can be automatically marked (multiple choice) or handed to their Trainer or your Admin Staff electronically to review and mark.

Save your RTO time and money by moving to electronic assessments with Truss RTO today!