Marketing Tools

Your Truss system comes equipped with many marketing tools to help reach your students and customers.

  • Mailouts & Subscriber Lists

    Mailouts are generally system-wide emails sent to all of your subscribers. They are a useful tool to notify your user base of any promotions you have going, sending newsletters or updating your students or users of new features or changes in business workflow. Subscriber lists are lists that have been created or imported that contain contacts. These lists can be added on mailouts, enabling you to send out regular newsletters or special offers.

  • Campaigns
    Campaigns act as a "checkpoint" through which traffic can be directed. Any subsequent activity by visitors who have passed through the checkpoint (purchases, enquiries) is then reported on. A campaign will push all traffic to a selected Landing Page, which may either be your standard booking calendar, a page outlining a special offer, or something else entirely. Campaigns can be used in tandem with Voucher Codes to provide discounts. Campaigns are generally used only for tracking, but Support can wire up Adjustments which give all visitors referred from a specific source a discount if you like. 

Truss helps you reach the people you need, grow your business reach with ease!