Easier AVETMISS Reporting

One of the biggest headaches in any RTO is getting your AVETMISS Reporting right. With Truss RTO you can get it right first time, every time.

  • Start with a cleaner dataset with Truss RTO
    Because we focus on putting data entry in your students hands, and asking your students to correct it if anything is wrong, that means that many situations where a paper workflow would leave you stuck simply don't happen. Wrong postcode? Wrong school year finished? Inappropriate combinations of other information? Let your students deal with these issues at enrolment, rather than chasing your tail months later trying to iron out data quality issues.

  • Get a hitlist of records for attention
    When you run an AVETMISS Export with Truss RTO, an initial pass over the data identifies any potential issues, taking into account the context in which the report is running (e.g. state-specific information for funding). Clear up the potential data errors to get a green tick and generate your AVETMISS Export, or generate it early if the issues shown aren't going to cause you trouble.

  • Review and report on a NAT120 summary before export
    Get a human-readable, spreadsheet-style view of your NAT120 file on the way out, confirming the system's calculations of hours, contract rates, attendees, and statuses, including the ability to make corrections right from that stage.

Stop chasing your tail trying to clean poor quality paper-based data. Go electronic with Truss RTO and never look back.