Audit History and Activity Log

Keep track of all changes on students and their progress with simple and effective audit history and activity log.

  • Full Audit History
    Every change, comment, and update is kept logged on each class, student, and pretty much anything! Each history entry keeps track of the time/date of entry and who made the change, making it easy to keep track of who added a comment or changed the USI of a student, or when certificates were sent out for a class.

  • Student Activity Log
    Each student has an in-depth Student Activity Log that keeps track of all activity related to a student. This includes when documents have been issued, when the student logs in, when they receive an email or SMS, when any payments are made, and much more! Enabling for speedy answers to any questions the student or teachers may have.

Always know what is happening in your system with Truss Audit History and Activity Log.