Application Management

For our clients who have a heavy focus on longer qualifications, manage your student enquiries with our application management tool. Attach courses and intakes to an application and be able to manage the application stages from enquiry right through to enrolment, or even use Application numbers to help you make judgement calls about scheduling intakes.

  • Gain insights into student enquiry numbers
    See an overview of the volume of enquiries you are getting over time and be able to separate per enquiry source to help identify trends

  • Record full AVETMISS and CRICOS data
    Quickly take down an enquiry including course and intake preferences, and then be able to update AVETMISS and CRICOS data as the application progresses. Add custom information and upload files using customisable web forms.

  • Manage the progress of your applications
    Assign staff members to applications to manage workload. Record comments at each stage from the student or other staff members in the communication log.  Know what stage each application with application and course enrolment statuses. 

  • Easily convert applications to enrolments
    Once you have processed all the information required you can convert an application into to an active enrolment with one click.