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Truss RTO is Smarter, Friendlier Student Management.

Over a long development period, dating all the way back to 2008, we've evolved what we think is the best featureset on the market.

Not every difference below is unique to Truss RTO, but no other provider gives you all of these advantages in the one product:

Truss RTO is an all-in-one system

Pay one price for a system that does everything, rather than cobbling together an assortment of separate systems and bolt-on “features” that run separately

A Native Cloud Product
We support, host, maintain and upgrade it for you. No costly hardware, fiddly software installations, manual maintenance or IT consultant bills. For a simple monthly fee everything is taken care of for you
a responsive web application
Use any of our tools across any of your devices, from anywhere. Mac, PC, Tablet, or Smartphone, we’ve got it covered.
clear, coherent, upfront pricing
From simple fixed rates with unlimited users, to affordable per-seat licencing for very small RTOs, never get shocked with unexpected fees.
built for usability
From simplicity in the student portal to make it self-explanatory and reduce phone calls, through to context help for your staff and trainers, we always build with the intent that you won’t need training to use the system (but don’t worry, you get training, too!)
personal support on every plan
Even startup RTOs need phone support, and you get that with Truss RTO at every level of our system.
collects data from your students
This is a native feature available at all levels of our product. Don’t get stuck trying to decipher paper enrolment forms, or making phone calls to collect USIs. Have your students enter their own data securely, easily, and from any device, so they are the one who correct issues as they’re entered
presents to your students as you - not as your vendor
From basic re-branding with your logo and colours right up to a precise mirror of your website, your students will always feel they’re being served by you, not by a software vendor.
unlimited seats
Have as many staff accounts as you want for the one low fee. We don't charge per student, trainer, or admin user on all plans above Simple.
constantly evolving

Truss RTO clients get feature upgrades and improvements every month at no charge for life. Check out our blog to read many of our previous monthly releases.

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