The Truss Education team were thrilled to sponsor the 2016 National VET Conference on the sunny Gold Coast.

At a time of some upheaval and uncertainty in the VET sector Velg did an excellent job of assembling an array of speakers who covered topics from the day-to-day minutiae that goes into ensuring you deliver quality, relevant training and positive outcomes for your students, right up to top-down overviews from Government, Regulators, and auditors.

Ramesh, Sebastian and myself spoke at length to a wide array of stakeholders in the VET industry, from audit consultants to regulators to new and existing clients and have come away from the event with a whirlwind of ideas on how we can continue to improve Truss RTO for our current and new clients.

Thursday night's Welcome Function was a highlight as we got to mingle with compatriots and competitors from across the sector, and (loudly!) talk shop over drinks.

Most importantly, we look forward to the outcome of all the partnerships we're working to forge following from the event; from a broad array of new clients across the sector, to a spread of consultants, content providers, and marketing businesses who will help our clients sustainably grow their RTOs and take on new opportunities.

Thanks to those who came and said hello - and to those who didn't, we'll be there next year!

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