Today is a big day in the history of Jack Marlow. Our brand new website is now live, and we're introducing three new products.

Our New Website

It seems a weird thing for a Digital Agency to have no website, but it's also surprising how many don't! We've collaborated with a couple of small firms over the last year and a half or so whose websites consist merely of a logo, an email address, and a phone number - but they still produce great work. The old adage that the plumber's house has the worst pipes probably applies here.

It was with that fact in mind as a consolation that I decided a little while back (after Google's Mobile Update) that we were better to have no website than to have our old non-responsive site still up. This year has been so busy with client work that it's taken a while for us to replace our old clunker with an up-to-the-minute responsive site but it's a great feeling to launch something for ourselves that's up to the standard of work our team produces for our clients these days.

We've also simplified and modernised our brand and brought it into line with our new products :)

I'd love to know your thoughts on our new site - drop us a line in the comments below.

Introducing Truss

Over the years we've evolved from a small general purpose digital agency into a firm who specialise in certain kinds of problems - Integrations, Management Systems, websites for Wholesalers and Tourism Operators. In that time we've redesigned the frontend of our software three times, and have always stumbled on what to call it as it becomes more of a polished product in its own right.

That changes today - today we introduce Truss. Truss is our platform; it's the mesh that holds together all your different systems and supports your business. Truss comes in three main variants:

  • Truss CMS
    This is the Content Management System that powers all our clients' websites - easy to use, fast, and responsive, you can manage your site from your iPad, your phone, or your desktop with ease.

  • Truss CRM
    This is our Customer Relationship Management system, using the same platform. Truss CRM is tailored for each client, and geared for automation, with a special focus on Wholesalers and Financial Services businesses.

  • Truss RTO
    This is a standardised platform designed specifically for small Registered Training Organisations. Truss RTO can help you save administrative time, effort, and cost, and meet your compliance obligations with ease.

These three new products are backed by the same support and personal service that sets Jack Marlow apart. Every rollout is hosted on our private cloud infrastructure and supported by our Melbourne and Sydney based team by phone and email.

What a week! More updates will come next week as I introduce Truss RTO in more detail - stay tuned :)

Thanks to our awesome team for digging deep during a full-on week of preparation and testing.

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts - drop us a line in the comments.

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