The Truss team are getting into the swing of spring with more updates to the Truss RTO system.

Whats New
Incomplete AVETMISS

Incomplete AVETMISS on a student record will now tell you which specific sections are missing information.

Subject Editing Improvements
  • Web forms and SCORM pacakages are now shown on a new tab when editing a Subject. This allows quick attaching/removing of resources.
  • Finalise class wizard for setting dates on short courses.
  • Added the Transmit Email tool to Applications dashboard as a new tab
Online Learning Improvements
  • Online Delivery - for distance learning, you can now select a location on a class or intake that is Online Delivery. This means any students who are doing their work overseas will be able to access the student portal and learning content but won't see a map dictating where training is taking place.
  • Added options to customise the boiler plate text if there's no online learning needed or if it's online delivery and there's no current coursework.
  • Added Timetabling documentation
  • Optional Unit Schedule available to SMART or ENTERPRISE clients.
  • Ability to disable Advance Course Status for short classes, and ability to turn off automatic cancellation or finalisation of Intakes.
Bug Fixes
  • Course location (course numbers as locations) now hidden from Short Classes Schedule panel in a specific view
  • Validating certificates on mobile now work a lot better - specifically iPhones weren't rendering multiple page certificates
  • If a student is attached to an Employer, the name of the employer will show when adding existing students to a class
  • Trainers lodging courses went directly to Finalised rather than Pending Final Check. This has been changed back to make sure Trainers can only lodge up to Pending Final Check.
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